No role for conventional coal beyond 2020s – 23 April 2009

23 April 2009

The CCC has welcomed Government’s announcement today that any new coal fired plants should only built with the expectation that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology can be retrofitted.

Chair of the CCC, Lord Turner said:

“We welcome the commitment that any new coal plants should demonstrate CCS, and should be fully retrofitted with CCS once the technology has been demonstrated. These proposals are a very positive contribution to required decarbonisation of UK power generation in the period to 2030.

We were clear in our report that there can be no role for conventional coal generation in the UK beyond the early 2020s. This should be reflected by a very tight emissions limit being placed on any non-retrofitted plant beyond the early 2020s.

We will work with the Government to ensure that the detailed proposal to be set out later in the year includes a tight emissions limit.”


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