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Carbon budgets now require an ambitious roadmap to meet them – 24 April 2009

Baroness Wilcox, Opposition Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change chaired a lively seminar event this morning, where delegates discussed how the ambitious targets set in the Carbon Budgets this week, will be met. Keynote speaker David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the CCC, set out the committee’s recommendations, which if met by Government action, will see the UK leading globally in the fight against climate change. He said that it was crucial that real action occurs soon to prevent global warming, which would have devastating impacts both in the developing world and the UK.

Some of these included some 2.7 billion people in Africa that could be effected by conflicts like that in Sudan, which is partly caused by competition over vital resources like water. In the UK, if no action is taken, poorer air quality and heat waves like that seen in 2003 could cause the deaths of thousands each summer by 2040. The CCC will set out detailed actions required in the UK as a contribution to avoiding detailed climate change in its September Report to Parliament. James Hughes, Head of Carbon Budgets policy at the Department for Energy and Climate Change responded outlining the Government’s commitment to the Climate Change Act. The practicalities of meeting the budgets were debated by a panel including representatives from the Carbon Trust, WWF, the Grantham Research Institute and Eversheds.

David Kennedy’s presentation can be downloaded here. The full transcript of the seminar will be available online from the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum.