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5 key recommendations from our 2nd Progress Report

  1. Electricity market reform to provide stronger incentives for investment in low-carbon power generation. Government is right to consider setting a minimum price on carbon, and should consider an Emissions Performance Standard for new gas generation added after 2020.
  2. A national energy efficiency programme, addressing both financial and non-financial barriers, involving a whole house/ whole street approach whereby homeowners are assisted with insulating their houses, in addition to the proposed Pay as you Save scheme.
  3. Currently committed funding of £260 million to support electric car market development will be required to cover extra purchase costs and investment in a battery charging network, and should be protected. Government should set ambitious targets for electric cars on the road by 2020 (e.g. Committee’s analysis suggests 1.7 million cars is feasible and desirable).
  4. The framework for renewable heat should be finalised given the need for early investment, and significantly increased renewable heat penetration by 2020 (e.g. from 1% currently to 12% in 2020).
  5. New policies are required to drive down emissions in the agricultural sector. These should include measures to improve the efficiency of the methods by which fertilisers are applied to soils and livestock are fed and could result in significant emissions cuts.

Committee members at the launch of the 2nd Progress Report – 30 June 2010