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The Knowledge Broker….

Alex Kazaglis is a Senior Policy Analyst at the CCC. He has a Masters in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. In his Masters dissertation  he analysed the Committees role, arguing that it is a unique player in the climate change field…

“The CCC is the first institution of its type in the world – an independent statutory body established under legislation (the Climate Change Act, 2008), to provide advice to Government on climate change.

The establishment of the CCC illustrates an acknowledgement by policy makers that the problem of climate change requires a long term and strategic solution, independent of politics and short term election cycles.

Lessons from the first two years of operation of the CCC are potentially important to policy makers in other countries, both in terms of general strategic approaches to climate change policy, and the specific possibility of setting up similar independent organisations.

With this in mind, I recently undertook a masters dissertation to investigate the role of the CCC as an independent body in providing advice on climate change policy.

In providing its first advice on the level of carbon budgets and the 2050 target, and monitoring progress reducing emisisons, the CCC acted as a Knowledge Broker. Such a body is an intermediary between expert knowledge and policy, tasked with translating complex information into policy relevant terms. The CCC has fulfilled this role, assessing and developing a vast evidence base in developing its advice, and translating this to specific and clear recommendations, all of which have been accepted by the Government to date.