“Gillard needs a body with teeth to tackle climate change”


Alex Kazaglis

This is an extract from an article written by Alex Kazaglis, an economist at the CCC, first published in The Punch, where he gives his personal view of Australian PM Julia Gilliard’s proposals to create a Climate Change Commission

“The debate during the first weeks of the election campaign has been dominated by the controversy surrounding Gillards proposed “Citizens Assembly”. Gillard needs a body with teeth to tackle climate change

Despite this, it is one of Gillards other proposals that could prove much more important: the creation of a Climate Change Commission to provide “evidence and information about climate change to all Australians”.

At first, the Climate Commission may not appear a compelling and visionary proposal for the future of climate policy. However in the UK a highly successful prototype- the Committee on Climate Change – has begun to create the deep and lasting consensus that Julia Gillard so strongly desires…..”.

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