CCC’s report to Parliament highlights lack of progress made in reducing emissions – 30 June 2011

The CCC’s progress report to Parliament reveals that emissions increased by 3% in 2010, mainly as a result of the colder winter months. After adjusting for weather impacts, emissions were broadly flat. This is incompatible with the 3% annual average emissions reduction required to meet the first four carbon budgets.

A significant acceleration in the pace of emissions reductions is therefore required.

Emissions in 2010 were within the limits of the first carbon budget, however, this was due to the impact that the recession had in 2009, which reduced emissions by 9%.

Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, Lord Adair Turner said:

“The step change that we have previously highlighted has not yet been achieved. Although we can meet the first carbon budget, this is mainly due to the recession. It is crucial that Government sets out detailed policies to support power sector decarbonisation and energy efficiency in homes and businesses. The successful implementation of these policies will determine our ability to meet carbon budgets” 

The conclusions are set out in the Committee’s 3rd annual report to Parliament on progress made by Government in 2010 towards reducing emissions.

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