David Kennedy to address Danish climate experts

David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, is today advising Danish climate change experts on the successful implementation of a Climate Change Act.

In early February Danish Climate and Energy Minister Rasmus Helveg Petersen announced parliamentary agreement on a climate change bill.

Inspired by the UK, the agreement confirms Denmark’s commitment to a 40% carbon emission reduction by 2020, and also the establishment of an independent Climate Council that will advise the government on meeting its climate targets.

While in Denmark, David Kennedy will be meeting with the Danish Ministry for Climate and Energy, businesses, researchers and NGOs. Drawing on the UK’s experience, he will be advising how to design and implement a Danish Climate Change Act. He will also be sharing the UK’s experiences of having an independent climate change committee that advises government.

Speaking about the benefits of climate change legislation, Mr Kennedy said: “Before we had the climate change act, before we had an independent voice, there were short-term political considerations that were dominating decisions; there was a sense that we were not doing the right thing with respect to the long-term.

“Bringing in an independent body to make long-term decisions ensures these are based on evidence and analysis, and not politics.”

You can hear more from this interview at the link below:


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