Committee on Climate Change seeks new members

10 October 2017

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is looking to appoint two new expert members specialising in climate science and the power sector.

The new members will be responsible for determining the Committee’s strategic direction, developing its work programme, and shaping the Committee’s independent advice to the UK and devolved governments on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Committee is made up of a Chairman and seven independent members, supported by a secretariat of around 30 staff.

Two positions are available:

  • Climate scientist
    This role requires formal qualifications in climate science, an internationally recognised track record and recent publications in an area of science relevant to the Committee. The candidate is likely to have links into relevant international organisations, thinking and research, such as the Royal Society and overseas equivalents, IPCC and similar international bodies, and UK and overseas meteorological offices.
  • Power sector specialist
    This role requires detailed understanding and familiarity with the energy sector (including differences across the UK), scenarios for its decarbonisation and associated implications with evidence of recent publications or equivalent work. It also requires an understanding of the linkages between power sector scenarios and energy system issues, such as electrification in transport and heating sectors and links to industrial decarbonisation, amongst other areas.

The appointees will replace two outgoing Committee members and are expected to take up their roles in 2018.

The application deadline has now passed.


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