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CCC welcomes publication of Government’s second National Adaptation Programme

The Government has today published the second National Adaptation Programme (NAP), setting out how it intends to manage the increasing risks from flooding, drought, heat, sea level rise and severe weather. Part of the Committee on Climate Change’s role is to evaluate the National Adaptation Programme and to present its findings to Parliament.

Responding to the publication of the NAP, and ahead of the Committee’s formal assessment next summer, Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, said:

“We know that a changing climate in the UK will have substantial impacts on our homes, our infrastructure, our food and even our health – it is the role of Government to put a plan in place to minimise these impacts. We welcome the publication of the UK Government’s National Adaptation Programme, which seeks to address these climate risks. At first glance, this important plan looks to have made some headway, addressing some of the key concerns we highlighted in our assessment of the impacts of climate change in 2016. But it appears that there are gaps, on overheating, risks to the UK from climate change overseas and affordability of flood insurance, for example. Urgent risks we have previously highlighted are not addressed, so we will press the Government to go further to ensure there is a comprehensive plan to improve the UK’s resilience to the effects of climate change.”