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CCC appoints new Chief Economist

Dr James Richardson

The Climate Change Committee is pleased to announce that Dr James Richardson will join the secretariat to lead CCC’s analytical team. James will be the CCC’s Director of Analysis and Chief Economist from August, he will oversee the CCC’s analytical programme on Net Zero and Climate Resilience.

James joins from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), where he has served for the last seven years as Chief Economist. In that role, he has overseen the UK’s first ever National Infrastructure Assessment and studies including managing the risk of drought, the role of economic regulators and engineered greenhouse gas removals. James currently leads the Commission’s work programme on Net Zero infrastructure.

Prior to that, James served for ten years in the Treasury, where he led on fiscal policy, public spending control and the Green Book. James was Deputy Chief Economic Advisor from 2012 to 2016.

Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee, says: “I’m delighted to welcome James Richardson to the CCC team. James is one of the UK’s leading economists. He brings us expertise in some of the critical areas for our next phase of work: infrastructure, the labour market and distributional impacts.  We are in good hands as we commence the CCC’s new analytical programme for the Seventh Carbon Budget and the Fourth Climate Change Risk Assessment.”