We do not have any vacancies currently. Please check back again soon.

Further information
  • In the interests of fair and open competition, we do not maintain a database of potential candidates
  • We do not accept applications on a speculative basis or hold CVs on file to be considered for future vacancies
  • Unfortunately, we do not generally have the capacity to offer internships, work experience, work shadowing or support placement schemes

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is much more than who we work with, it is also about what we do and how we do it. It is about how we treat our colleagues and counterparts and how we view and interact with wider society. We want to recognise and reinforce the things which make the CCC a great place to work, whilst also challenging ourselves to be more inclusive in the workplace, through our work and in the makeup of our staff. Three core commitments underpin the CCC’s approach to diversity and inclusion:

  1. Our culture: To ensure the CCC is an inclusive and supportive place to work, where all staff are treated respectfully and fairly, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or other aspects, and where bullying or harassment of any form is not tolerated.
  2. Our people: To increase diversity across the profile of the CCC, so that it is more reflective of the society in which we live.
  3. Our work: To ensure the CCC’s work is considerate and reflective of the needs and interests of the diverse society across the UK.