Minutes of meetings

The Committee on Climate Change and Adaptation Sub-Committee each meet on a monthly basis to review emerging findings and analysis. The Audit Committee meets every quarter to discuss corporate governance. Minutes of all of these meetings are available to view from these pages. These are usually uploaded a month after the meeting is held.

Committee on Climate Change meeting minutes

The Committee meets once every three weeks to discuss the CCC's work plan. You can read the minutes of our meetings at the links below.2017CCC minutes 20 January and agenda2016CCC …

Adaptation Sub-Committee meeting minutes

The Adaptation Sub-Committee¬†meets once a month to discuss matters in relation to its work programme.¬† Minutes of meetings can be accessed here:201716 February and agenda 19 January and…

Audit Committee meeting minutes

 The Audit Committee meets three times a year to discuss matters of corporate governance, risk management and internal control. Meeting minutes can be accessed here: