As a publicly-funded organisation the CCC is fully committed to openness and transparency. Key information is available below.

Managing conflicts of interest policy

Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

Register of interests 

Gifts and hospitality register

Spend data

The CCC publishes details of all spending over £25,000 and spend with a value of more than £500 procured using an electronic purchasing card solution (ePCS).

Quality assurance

High quality analytical work is essential to the effectiveness of the CCC and as part of this we embed quality assurance processes into our analytical work. You can read our guidance on QA procedures at this link: CCC – Quality Assurance of Evidence and Analysis. Linked to this, a list of business critical models used by the CCC is available here.

Standard terms and conditions of contract for services

Personal information charter

The way in which we process your personal data relating to financial transactions when we interact with you is set out in the Personal Information Charter. The Climate Change Committee uses the same Shared Services Provider and Information Technology Services as Defra. Therefore the processes set out in the Defra Personal Information Charter (available here: apply to the Climate Change Committee.

Whistleblowing policy

Business appointments

This section provides information about outside appointments or employment taken up by former members of the CCC. It covers former staff at senior levels who fall within the scope of the business appointment rules.

Full name of applicant Dr David Joffe
Title of former role Deputy Director, Head of Net Zero
CCC leaving date January 2024
New appointment The Royal Academy of Engineering
New employment January 2024
CCC’s decision on application

Approved: Dr Joffe should inform the Chief Operating Officer if he wishes to undertake any new appointment within two years of his last day at the CCC, at which point a further approval may be required. Dr Joffe must not draw on any privileged information which was available to him as part of his role at the CCC nor use contacts gained during his time as a public servant, to further his private interests or the interest of others. In this respect, privileged means any restricted, sensitive or unannounced information. For six-months following his last day of public service, Dr Joffe must not lobby HM Government. The CCC will not accept tenders in which Dr Joffe has been involved for a 6 month period following his last day of service.