As a publicly-funded organisation the CCC is fully committed to openness and transparency. Key information is available below.

CCC Expenditure Data Disclosure

Expenditure disclosure Apr-Jun 2018

Expenditure disclosure 2017-18

Expenditure disclosure 2016-17

Expenditure disclosure 2015-16

Expenditure disclosure 2014-15

Expenditure disclosure 2013-14

Expenditure disclosure 2012-13

Expenditure disclosure 2011-12

Expenditure disclosure 2010-11

Register of Interests 

Register of interests 2018-19

Register of interest 2017-18

Register of interests 2016-17

Register of interests  2015-16

Register of interests 2014-15

Register of interests 2013-14

Gifts and Hospitality Register

CCC hospitality register (2017 – 2018)

CCC hospitality register (2016- 2017)

CCC hospitality register (2014-2015)

CCC hospitality register (2012-2013)

CCC hospitality register (2014)

Quality Assurance

High quality analytical work is essential to the effectiveness of the CCC and as part of this we embed quality assurance processes into our analytical work.

You can read our interim guidance on QA procedures at the link below:

Quality assurance interim guidance

Linked to this, a list of business critical models used by CCC is available here.

Biomass in a low-carbon economy (2018)

The Committee published a Bioenergy Review in 2011, providing an assessment of the potential role of bioenergy in meeting the UK’s carbon targets. We have now updated that work. Biomass in a low-carbon economy was published in November 2018. Committee Member Rebecca Heaton decided to stand back from the review in autumn 2017. Committee champions, Baroness Brown, Deputy Chair, and Corinne Le Quere, Committee member, oversaw the work.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Contact for Services

CCC standard terms and conditions of contract for services

Fair Processing Notice

How we process your personal data

We have changed the way we process your personal data relating to financial transactions when we interact with you. Our services provider Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) may process some of this data offshore. For more information see: Personal data processing: fair processing notice.

Future Business Appointments

This note sets out the business appointment rules the CCC requires its former Chief Executive to adhere to following his departure in July 2017.

Whistleblowing Policy

CCC whistleblowing policy