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Government should support the development of a portfolio of renewables to 2030

17 May 2011 Insights
By Emily Towers, Communications Manager We published our Renewable Energy Review this week. This outlined a range of scenarios for contributions from renewables to meeting carbon budgets over the next two decades. We concluded that: A range of promising options exists for delivering decarbonisation of the power sector by 2030...

Is the UK’s critical national infrastructure prepared for climate change?

4 April 2011 Insights
By David Thompson, Senior Analyst The health of the nation’s critical infrastructure in energy, transport, water, sewage and ICT is vital to the performance of the UK’s economy and for our general quality of life.  Much of the UK’s infrastructure has been in place for decades, even centuries, and was...
Samuel Fankhauser

China gets serious about curtailing its carbon emissions

28 March 2011 Insights
By Dr Samuel Fankhauser, Committee member. Britain’s carbon budgets are domestic emissions objectives, adopted because they make sense for the UK. But climate change is a global problem. So it is important to see other nations taking action as well. The most eye-catching development in recent weeks has been the...
Thames Barrier closing

Protecting London from current and future flood risks

21 March 2011 Insights
  By Sebastian Catovsky, Head of the Adaptation Sub-Committee The Thames Barrier is one of the country’s most high-profile symbols of adaptation. It was fitting, therefore, that the Committee on Climate Change adaptation team recently visited the Thames Barrier for its monthly test closure. Protecting London from sea level rise....

Predicting this wintery weather is snow easy task!

21 December 2010 Insights
By Steve Smith, Scientific Adviser at the Committee on Climate Change Whilst the UK shivers in the cold and snow for the third winter in a row, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has asked John Beddington, the government's chief scientific advisor, to say whether we should be expecting more of these...

Unlocking climate uncertainty

1 December 2010 Insights
By Emily Towers, Communications Manager at the CCC Leading figures from the world of climate science, government and mathematics recently convened to hear the latest from a ground-breaking mathematics research programme aimed at advancing one of the most challenging and economically important mathematical problems of all time - how to...

How do we thaw this freezing inertia?

5 November 2010 Insights
By Emily Towers, Communications Manager at the CCC “For those of us that work in climate change, the ‘cold snap’ in the weather last winter was just the start of a longer freeze in terms of public perception about the risk and seriousness of the climate problem. The snow, coupled...

A practical guide to decarbonising the global economy

8 October 2010 Insights
By Jim Skea, Committee member. Sorting fact from fiction is becoming central to the climate change debate. In the aftermath of Copenhagen and with Cancun looming ahead, Jim Skea distinguishes between what can be done and what must be done... "There are two approaches to meeting the challenge of climate...

How well prepared is the UK for climate change?

6 October 2010 Insights
David Thompson is a Senior Analyst at the CCC, working on measuring the progress the UK is making in preparing for climate change. The Adaptation Sub-Committee was established in June 2009 to provide independent advice to the Government on the risks to the UK from climate change and to assess...

CCC advice on aviation published in ICAO 2010 report

6 October 2010 Insights
The Committee’s analysis of the contribution that UK aviation could make to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases  has been published in ICAO’s 2010 Environment report. The second International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) environmental report, is dedicated entirely to the topic of climate change. It brings together an array of ideas,...