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Energy prices and bills – follow up on Thursday’s report

14 December 2012 Insights
Our report on energy prices and bills has raised questions and caused some debate on Twitter about how we came up with possible bill impacts in an unabated gas-based power system. It is important to understand both the risks to energy prices in such a system, and the way we...

Australia launches independent climate change authority

19 July 2012 Insights
The UK is the first country to implement the model of having an independent climate change advisory body, and this has led to significant interest overseas. On the 1st of July the Australian Government introduced a price on carbon of around £15/tCO2, as part of a broad package of legislation...
Gunfleet sands offshore wind farm

Onshore wind revisited

11 June 2012 Insights
Sam Fankhauser - Member of the CCC & Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, looks at the case for and against onshore wind energy in the UK. This follows a report published today by Grantham Research Institute which also draws on the work of the CCC. There...

Getting the Measure of GHG Emissions

16 May 2012 Insights
By Stephen Smith, Scientist at the CCC If you work in the field of climate change then you are probably aware that CO2 isn’t the only greenhouse gas, or GHG. And you may even know that methane is considered 21 times more powerful than CO2. But where does the number...

A properly sceptical look at global warming

21 December 2011 Insights
By Stephen Smith, Scientist at the CCC "Action to reduce emissions only makes sense if the world really is warming, and if our emissions are the main cause. How confident in these two propositions can we be? Many newspaper articles and internet blogs would suggest the jury is still out....

Reports spell double trouble for the climate

24 November 2011 Insights
By Sam Fankhauser (Member of the CCC & Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment) "There have been two sobering climate change statistics recently. First we learnt that despite a sluggish economy, global emissions of carbon dioxide grew by a whopping 6% between 2009 and 2010. This was followed...
Vauxhall Ampera

“CCC test-drives the next generation of low carbon vehicles”

17 November 2011 Insights
By Assistant Economist, Jonathan Haynes CCC transport analysts had the opportunity to test-drive the latest low-carbon vehicles fast-approaching the UK market, at Ecovelocity, the low-carbon motor festival. Improving the fuel-efficiency of conventional vehicles and promoting the development of electric vehicles are key to achieving the deep cuts in transport emissions...

Bioenergy team visit energy crop fields

17 October 2011 Insights
By Senior Analyst, Kavita Srinivasan Members of the CCC Bioenergy team recently joined experts on bioenergy from the  National Farmers’ Union  to visit two miscanthus and short-rotation coppice (SRC) willow farms in Yorkshire. The farms supply woody biomass directly to Drax and other power stations for co-firing, as well as...

CCC visit Drax power station

13 October 2011 Insights
By Russell Bishop, Economist at the CCC Members of the CCC bioenergy review team went to Yorkshire to visit Drax power station. Drax is Western Europe’s largest coal-fired power station and has a generating capacity of 4000 megawatts, producing 26 TWh of electricity in 2010 meeting approximately 7% of the...