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Independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change

How much more climate change is inevitable for the UK?

21 April 2020 Insights
How much will global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions affect the need to adapt to climate impacts in the UK? Kathryn Brown, the CCC’s Head of Adaptation, takes a look at the evidence.  One of the key questions that people ask about climate change is “does meeting our Net...

No surprises? Our latest adaptation progress report

19 August 2019 Insights
The Adaptation Committee published its report on progress in preparing for climate change in July. In a previous blog I gave some high level reflections on the Government’s latest National Adaptation Programme. It’s fair to say that our assessment has some blunt messages about lack of progress and low ambition...

The new National Adaptation Programme: Hit or miss?

19 July 2018 Insights
Every five years the UK government sets out how it intends to manage the increasing risks from flooding, drought, heat, sea-level rise and severe weather in a 'National Adaptation Programme.’  Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation at the Committee on Climate Change, takes a first look at the government’s latest plan and...

25-Year Environment Plan – a climate change perspective

12 January 2018 Insights
The long-awaited 25-Year Environment Plan has been published, setting out the Government’s ambitions for enhancing the natural environment over the coming decades. Kathryn Brown provides an initial look at the Plan’s coverage of climate change, and whether it contains sufficient substance. You can read the 25-Year Environment Plan as a...

Long-term outcomes for the natural environment – the climate change challenge

4 October 2017 Insights
The independent Natural Capital Committee has just published its advice to the government on what long-term goals are needed for the UK’s natural environment over the coming 25 years. Climate change will exacerbate existing pressures on wildlife, water, soil health and habitats – so working out how this affects long-term...
Infrared thermovision image showing thermal insulation of house.

The hidden problem of overheating

8 August 2017 Insights
Every year for the past four years, the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change has recommended to the Government that more should be done to address the growing risk of overheating in homes and other buildings. But overheating is not generally seen as a big issue compared...