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Cleaning up the UK’s heating systems: new insights on low-carbon heat

10 September 2018 Blogs
Low-carbon heating is amongst the toughest challenges facing climate policy. Mike Hemsley, Senior Power Analyst at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), summarises new insights on achieving near-zero emissions by 2050 from heating the UK’s buildings. The ‘Beast from the East’ in March 2018 highlighted the challenge of heating UK...
Gunfleet sands offshore wind farm

Offshore wind: A valuable ingredient in the UK’s future energy mix

2 December 2015 Blogs
In successive reports, including our recent advice on the Fifth Carbon Budget, the Committee has highlighted the potential for offshore wind in the UK. Our 2011 Renewable Energy Review suggested that upwards of 400 TWh of electricity per year (more than the total of current UK electricity consumption) could be...