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Saving carbon with efficient vacuum cleaners

1 September 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

Starting from the 1st of September 2014, every vacuum cleaner on sale in the EU will carry an energy label and be rated from A-G for performance, dust re-emission, noise level and power consumption. Additionally, vacuum cleaners with a power consumption of 1600 W or more will no longer be available (this will be further […]

A global deal of national climate change laws?

23 June 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

In early June national legislators from over 70 parliaments met in Mexico to discuss the role national climate change legislation can play in a future global deal. The meeting was timely as national climate legislation continues to develop apace. For example, this month both Denmark and Finland have adopted new climate change laws. Both countries […]

40-legged starfish and more

6 June 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

Members of the CCC visited the British Antarctic Survey to find out about the worldwide implications of polar climate change.

Does the IPCC endorse shale gas?

17 April 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

Recent headlines have suggested that the latest IPCC report endorses shale gas. We take a look at what the report actually says.

CCC response to the latest IPCC report

3 April 2014 Nisha Pawar

Lord Deben, Chairman of the CCC sets out our response to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in an article published by the Guardian.

The Budget freeze in Carbon Price Support

31 March 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

In the recent Budget, the Chancellor made the widely anticipated move to freeze the Carbon Price Support from 2016/17. Here we take a look at the implications for reducing emissions in the power sector – what it means for electricity bills, for low-carbon investment and for coal. The Carbon Price Support tops up the carbon […]

Denmark follows UK example

27 March 2014 David Kennedy

Denmark is currently in the process of drafting legislation modelled on the UK’s Climate Change Act. I recently went over to Copenhagen to share our experiences and learn about the Danish context. I spoke at the Concito annual conference; Concito is a green think tank which provides analysis of the cost-effective path to a low-carbon […]

The Climate Change Act: a retrospective

4 March 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

This week is Climate Week, which is an annual celebration of the contributions made by individuals, business and organisations to building a low-carbon economy. Climate Week provides us with a good opportunity to look back at the progress that’s been made on climate change mitigation, and more specifically under the Climate Change Act, which was now […]

Climate change and the UK floods

19 February 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

There is no shortage of debate over whether the recent storms and floods can be blamed on climate change. In reality any answer will involve probabilities rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. So what do we know, what are the uncertainties, and can we say whether or not there is a clear link? It […]

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