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inside 55 metre high furnace

CCC visit to Tilbury power station

15 September 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

By Indra Thillainathan, Senior Analyst With new European environmental legislation set to close many existing coal fired power stations by 2015, work is already underway by Tilbury power station to convert it into one of the world’s largest dedicated biomass generators . Ahead of its scheduled re-commissioning in November, a few members of the CCC […]

Green energy

Green growth: paradigm shift or just spin?

1 September 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

by Alex Bowen and Sam Fankhauser, Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment. This blog post is a reprint from a post on the Climate and Development Knowledge Network There is much talk at the moment about green growth – environmentally sustainable, biodiverse, low-carbon and climate-resilient growth in human prosperity. Policy makers are […]

Confused about costs of nuclear v. renewables? Read on!

9 August 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

There has been a debate going on in the blogosphere lately over the relative cost of nuclear and renewables, citing analysis we produced for Government in our Renewable Energy Review. Alice Barrs, a lead economist on the review, delves into some of the finer detail of our work, to explain what we actually said, and […]

CCC football success! Mike Thompson, Jonathan Haynes, Bronwyn Hill, Tom Hall, Alex Kazaglis, Owen Bellamy

Victory for the CCC football team

29 July 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

On Friday 15th July a team of CCC footballers came home victorious in the annually held Defra Network’s Sports Day.

Uptown Oil visit

CCC trip to Uptown Oil and PwC’s green headquarters

25 July 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

Seven of us working on the upcoming CCC Bioenergy Report took a trip to Southwark to have a look at the work of a business that produces biodiesel from used cooking oil.

The Poms cut carbon without whingeing, why can’t we?

26 May 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

This is an extract from an article written by Alex Kazaglis, an Australian economist at the CCC, first published in The Punch. In it he gives his personal view of Australian climate change policy in light of the UK's recent commitment to the fourth carbon budget.

Can Clegg’s ‘quiet green revolution’ inspire growth?

24 May 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

The Deputy Prime Minister told the audience, at Norton Rose, that they should be in ‘no doubt’ about the Coalition’s commitment, asserting that a ‘quiet green revolution’ was underway in Whitehall.