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Uptown Oil visit

CCC trip to Uptown Oil and PwC’s green headquarters

25 July 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

Seven of us working on the upcoming CCC Bioenergy Report took a trip to Southwark to have a look at the work of a business that produces biodiesel from used cooking oil.

The Poms cut carbon without whingeing, why can’t we?

26 May 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

This is an extract from an article written by Alex Kazaglis, an Australian economist at the CCC, first published in The Punch. In it he gives his personal view of Australian climate change policy in light of the UK's recent commitment to the fourth carbon budget.

Can Clegg’s ‘quiet green revolution’ inspire growth?

24 May 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

The Deputy Prime Minister told the audience, at Norton Rose, that they should be in ‘no doubt’ about the Coalition’s commitment, asserting that a ‘quiet green revolution’ was underway in Whitehall.

Samuel Fankhauser

China gets serious about curtailing its carbon emissions

28 March 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

Britain’s carbon budgets are domestic emissions objectives, adopted because they make sense for the UK. But climate change is a global problem. So it is important to see other nations taking action as well.

Thames Barrier closing

Protecting London from current and future flood risks

21 March 2011 The Committee on Climate Change

The Thames Barrier is one of the country’s most high-profile symbols of adaptation. It was fitting, therefore, that the Committee on Climate Change adaptation team recently visited the Thames Barrier for its monthly test closure.

Predicting this wintery weather is snow easy task!

21 December 2010 The Committee on Climate Change

Looking forward, everyone knows that weather forecasts aren't perfect, particularly beyond a few days. This raises the question: how can people predict the climate in 2100 when we can't even predict what it will be like next week?

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