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“Gillard needs a body with teeth to tackle climate change”

18 August 2010 The Committee on Climate Change

This is an extract from an article written by Alex Kazaglis, an economist at the CCC, first published in The Punch, where he gives his personal view of Australian PM Julia Gilliard’s proposals to create a Climate Change Commission

The Knowledge Broker….

21 July 2010 The Committee on Climate Change

Alex Kazaglis is a Senior Policy Analyst at the CCC. He has a Masters in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. In his Masters dissertation  he analysed the Committees role, arguing that it is a unique player in the climate change field...

5 key recommendations from our 2nd Progress Report

2 July 2010 The Committee on Climate Change

Electricity market reform to provide stronger incentives for investment in low-carbon power generation. Government is right to consider setting a minimum price on carbon, and should consider an Emissions Performance Standard for new gas generation added after 2020. A national energy efficiency programme, addressing both financial and non-financial barriers, involving a whole house/ whole street […]

Scottish mountains

Update on Scottish climate change legislation

2 July 2010 The Committee on Climate Change

By Laura McNaught, Senior Analyst on the Devolved Administrations at the CCC It has been a busy spring and summer for the Scottish Parliament where further legislation relating to the Scottish Climate Change Act has been made.   Before the Act received Royal Assent on 4th August 2009, Scottish Ministers asked the Committee for advice relating […]