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Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmaps to 2050

27 March 2015 Taro Hallworth

The Government has published a set of Roadmaps that chart a low-carbon future for British industry.  Developed with industry and others, they are intended to allow industry to make its contribution to meeting our national goals to limit greenhouse gas emissions – and to remain profitable in a competitive world. Industry is directly responsible for […]

Balancing visibility and flexibility through a power sector decarbonisation target

27 March 2015 Alex Kazaglis

Analysis by the Committee and others has repeatedly shown that the roll-out of low-carbon power generation to 2030 is a key part of the cost-effective path towards the UK’s statutory 2050 target.  Power is directly responsible for around a quarter of UK emissions, multiple low-carbon options are available (e.g. onshore and offshore wind, nuclear and […]

What lies beneath: the hidden heat network at the heart of the City

20 March 2015 Jenny Hill

District heating networks are largely an unknown quantity in the UK, where the gas boiler is both ubiquitous and cheap. Contrast this with Denmark, where two thirds of space and water heating is delivered through pipes to buildings in the form of hot water or steam.

CCC visits Northern Ireland

16 March 2015 Ute Collier

Our Chairman Lord Deben, Chief Executive Matthew Bell and I spent 2 days in Northern Ireland in March 2015 on invitation of the Environment Minister, Mark H. Durkan. In emission terms, Northern Ireland (NI) is the smallest of the devolved nations, accounting for only 3.6% of UK emissions. However, the province faces particular challenges in […]

First CCC meeting north of the border

28 January 2015 Gemma Holmes

On a cold January day, I joined our Chairman Lord Deben, other members of the Committee on Climate Change and colleagues from the CCC secretariat on the train at Kings Cross to head to Edinburgh for our January Committee meeting. This was the Committee’s first meeting to be held outside of London, and the first to be open to the public.

Climate Change in 2015

19 January 2015 Matthew Bell

Climate Change in 2015: A new blog post by Matthew Bell, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change.

Community ownership in action

15 December 2014 Indra Thillainathan

Meeting the UK’s climate targets will require a steady expansion in the supply of low-carbon electricity, for example from renewables. Most renewable energy projects in the UK are owned by private firms. This contrasts with experience in some European countries – particularly Germany and Denmark – where some firms are owned by local communities. Community […]

Thames Barrier closing

New long-term investment scenarios point to the need for much greater flood resilience

5 December 2014 Daniel Johns

On Tuesday, two much-awaited flood investment documents were published (see previous blog). Both Defra’s six-year Investment Plan and the Environment Agency’s Long-Term Investment Scenarios (LTIS) paint a positive picture of how much can be achieved in managing flood risk in the coming years. But the devil is in the detail, and these initial thoughts may […]

Six flood defence questions the Autumn Statement should answer

1 December 2014 Daniel Johns

On Wednesday, the Autumn Statement is expected to make significant announcements about future investment in flood and coastal defence. No new money is expected.  Instead, two major publications have been promised: A six-year capital investment plan: a list of individual flood and coastal schemes in England that are expected to be funded between now and […]

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