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The Climate Change Act: a retrospective

4 March 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

This week is Climate Week, which is an annual celebration of the contributions made by individuals, business and organisations to building a low-carbon economy. Climate Week provides us with a good opportunity to look back at the progress that’s been made on climate change mitigation, and more specifically under the Climate Change Act, which was now […]

Climate change and the UK floods

19 February 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

There is no shortage of debate over whether the recent storms and floods can be blamed on climate change. In reality any answer will involve probabilities rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. So what do we know, what are the uncertainties, and can we say whether or not there is a clear link? It […]

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More money for flood defence (repairs)

13 February 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

Last week the Government committed an extra £130 million to help with the flooding. From existing budgets 42 new schemes were given the green light to start construction in 2014/15. A further 13 schemes previously announced will also be starting. The Prime Minister has pledged that “money is no object in this relief effort” and […]

How are UK policymakers reacting to the IPCC report?

30 January 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

Four months after the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it seems a good time to ask: what impact has the IPCC assessment had in climate policy circles? The IPCC report assessed the state-of-the-art in climate science, involving hundreds of experts and citing more than 9,000 scientific studies. It contains information […]

CCC response to points raised by EEF on the fourth carbon budget review

27 January 2014 David Kennedy

After Lord Deben and I gave evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select committee, EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, picked up on my statement that we had consulted widely, but not been provided with specific reasons to change the fourth carbon budget. In order to change the budget there would have to have been a […]

Current spending plans may mean an extra £3 billion in future flood damages

21 January 2014 The Committee on Climate Change

The widespread flooding in recent months has resurfaced tense exchanges in Parliament about current funding levels for flood risk management. Is more being spent than ever before or has it been cut? Either way, is enough being done? The Adaptation Sub-Committee’s role is to provide independent evidence-based advice to the UK Government and Parliament about […]

Why pay farmers to protect birds?

20 December 2013 The Committee on Climate Change

Decisions are due by the Government on the next round of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Specifically, Defra ministers will shortly announce how much CAP funding should be diverted in England from production-linked subsidies (Pillar 1) to agri-environment schemes (Pillar 2). Both benefit farmers but pay them to do different things. There has been recent debate […]

Is climate change a global benefit?

14 November 2013 The Committee on Climate Change

A new line of argument has emerged against decisive action on climate change, put forward in two recent articles by Bjorn Lomborg and Matt Ridley. Global warming is actually a net benefit, they claim, at least over the next few decades. If so, why act now to avoid it? Global temperature is currently about 0.8°C above […]

CCC analysis: low-carbon policies account for only a small part of energy bill increases

21 October 2013 The Committee on Climate Change

The impact of low-carbon policies on energy affordability is much discussed at the moment. In order that discussion remains fact based, we thought it appropriate to repeat some of the key findings from our energy prices and bills reports. This note also includes a new estimate that energy bills will have to increase by around […]

A role for shale gas in a low-carbon economy?

13 September 2013 The Committee on Climate Change

Given the amount of attention it’s getting at the moment, we thought it was worth setting out the Committee’s position on shale gas, to recap what we’ve said across several recent reports (such as our reports on the UK’s carbon footprint and Next steps on Electricity Market Reform). The need to reduce our emissions implies […]