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20 September 2017

Conference: Invisible energy policy

Our Acting CEO, Adrian Gault, will be a panel member at this conference. The event is being organised as part of the DEMAND Research Centre’s Invisible Energy Policy project, with support from the Research Council’s UK energy programme. ‘Invisible energy policies’ are described as ‘non-energy policies with significant – if mostly unseen or ignored – impacts on energy demand and carbon emissions’.

21 September 2017

Conference: Is there a plan? UK energy policy for the 2020s

This conference will discuss the inter-connectedness of industrial strategy, emission reduction commitments, and rapid technology development. This is in the context of key policy documents that are due this year, including the Government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, the Clean Growth Plan, the National Infrastructure Commission’s assessment of priorities, and an Energy Smart Systems Report.

More information about the conference

25 September 2017

CCC report: Reducing emissions in Scotland – 2017 progress report

We will hold a launch event on 25 September in Edinburgh as we publish our latest report to the Scottish Parliament. This will be our sixth report on Scotland’s progress towards meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets as legislated by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

See last year’s Scottish progress report

10 October 2017

Conference: Assessing the future of climate change policy in the UK

Baroness Brown of Cambridge, the Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee, will be giving the keynote speech at this conference. Other keynote speakers will be: Sonia Phippard, Director General for Marine, Natural Environment and Rural, Defra; and David Stainforth, Principal Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute, LSE.

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13 October 2017 — 15 October 2017

Workshop: Decision-making under deep uncertainty

Professor Jim Hall from the Adaptation Sub-Committee will be involved in this workshop run by the Society for Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty.

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1 December 2017 — 31 January 2018

CCC report: Advice on Welsh Carbon Budgets

Over the winter period we will publish our advice to the Welsh government on the level at which to set Welsh Carbon budgets. We have a call for evidence underway to help inform this advice.

See our recent Advice on the design of Welsh carbon targets