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19 November 2019 — 19 November 2019

Climate adaptation in the UK: latest on developing resilient infrastructure, channeling investment and environmental protection

The Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum policy conference will focus on the priorities for climate change adaptation and include discussions around resilient infrastructure, environmental governance and the impact of policy developments.

  • Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation at the Committee on Climate Change will be speaking.
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16 December 2019 — 31 December 2019

Reducing emissions in Scotland – 2019 progress report

This is the Committee’s eighth report on Scotland’s progress towards meetings emissions targets, as requested by Scottish Ministers under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

1 January 2020 — 31 January 2020

CCC Report: Land-Use

The Committee on Climate Change will publish a report on how land use can contribute in reducing emissions and preparing for climate change.

1 September 2020 — 30 September 2020

Advice on the Sixth Carbon Budget

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) will publish its recommendation on the level of the Sixth Carbon Budget in September 2020. The Sixth Carbon Budget, required under the Climate Change Act, will provide ministers with advice on the volume of greenhouse gases the UK can emit during the period 2033-2037.

It will set the path to the UK’s new net-zero emissions target in 2050, as the first carbon budget to be set into law following that commitment.