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Contact us

You can contact the Committee in a variety of ways:

For speaking and event invitations or to contact the Chief Executive, please email private.secretary@theccc.org.uk. If your diary request is urgent, please call +44 (0)75 8510 4950.

For urgent press enquiries only, please call or text +44 (0)7940 703911 or +44 (0)7766 366577. Please do not text or call these numbers unless you are a member of the news media.

For complaints, comments and copyright information  – please read our guidance.

To make a Freedom of Information request – please fill out the contact form below inserting ‘Freedom of Information request’ at the top of the message. Please read our guidance prior to making a request for information.

For any further enquiries please send us a message using the form below. We are a small organisation with fixed resources to carry out our statutory duties. We read all of the correspondence we receive, but we are unable to offer detailed responses to enquiries.

Our address  151 Buckingham Palace Rd, Victoria, London SW1W 9SZ.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff are home-based and so we are not regularly checking post at 151 Buckingham Palace Road. We recommend emailing private.secretary@theccc.org.uk if you have correspondence you’d like to send to the Climate Change Committee.