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8 June 2015
8 June 2015 | Blogs

The green gas coming to a pipe near you

Have you ever wondered where your food waste goes? That is, if you are lucky enough of course to live somewhere where your local council has an organised collection.
20 March 2015
20 March 2015 | Blogs

What lies beneath: the hidden heat network at the heart of the City

District heating networks are largely an unknown quantity in the UK, where the gas boiler is both ubiquitous and cheap. Contrast this with Denmark, where two thirds of space and water heating is delivered through pipes to buildings in the form of hot water or steam.
8 July 2014
8 July 2014 | Publication

Managing climate risks to well-being and the economy: ASC progress report 2014

The report investigates the threats and opportunities for the country from climate change, focusing on the risks to infrastructure, business and public health. It also provides an update on previous analysis on flooding, and considers the current capacity in the emergency response system to handle climate extremes.
6 June 2014
6 June 2014 | Blogs

40-legged starfish and more

Members of the CCC visited the British Antarctic Survey to find out about the worldwide implications of polar climate change.
6 March 2014
News stories
6 March 2014 | News stories

Long-term flood resilience plan for Somerset Levels and Moors

Following the recent extreme episodes of flooding, Lord Krebs, Chairman of the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) has written to Owen Paterson MP advising on the preparation of a sustainable, long-term plan to address the risk of flooding for the Somerset Levels and Moors.