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8 February 2019
8 February 2019 | Publication

Reducing emissions in Northern Ireland

In this report, the Committee sets out how Northern Ireland can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2030 in order to meet UK-wide climate change targets.
19 January 2018
19 January 2018 | Blogs

Plugging the gap: What next for Britain’s EV public charging network?

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are rising, as is demand for charging points. New research commissioned by the CCC shows that although there are challenges to extending the public EV charging network, Britain is well placed to increase both the number and distribution of chargers and kick-start an EV revolution, says Ellie Davies.
6 January 2016
6 January 2016 | Publication

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act (2015 update)

This report considers the appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act following a request to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) from the Northern Ireland Executive Minister. The report provides an update on an earlier report on the same topic, produced by the CCC in 2011.
16 March 2015
16 March 2015 | Blogs

CCC visits Northern Ireland

Our Chairman Lord Deben, Chief Executive Matthew Bell and I spent 2 days in Northern Ireland in March 2015 on invitation of the Environment Minister, Mark H. Durkan. In emission terms, Northern Ireland (NI) is the smallest of the devolved nations, accounting for only 3.6% of UK emissions. However, the province faces particular challenges in […]
2 November 2011
2 November 2011 | Publication

The appropriateness of a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act – Northern Ireland Report

This report assesses the appropriateness of a legally-binding emission reduction targets for Northern Ireland. It considers the current emissions profile in Northern Ireland and recent trends, the existing legislative and policy framework and opportunities and challenges in reducing emissions. It concludes that legislation could be helpful in driving the emissions reductions in Northern Ireland.
10 December 2008
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10 December 2008 | News stories

Northern Ireland’s role – 10 December 2008

Northern Ireland will have a vital role to play in contributing towards UK-wide effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 34% by 2020 relative to 1990 levels (21% relative to 2005), revealed the Committee on Clmate Change (CCC) today. This should be increased to 42% relative to 1990 (31% relative to 2005) once a global deal to reduce emissions is achieved. The CCC says meeting these targets is necessary to contain the threat of climate change.
1 December 2008
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1 December 2008 | News stories

N Ireland’s emissions can be reduced at manageable cost to economy – 1 December 2008

Northern Ireland has the potential to contribute more to UK action on climate change, said the CCC’s Chief Executive, David Kennedy. The Northern Ireland Assembly recently pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the authority by 25% by 2025, relative to 1990 levels. But yesterday, at an event in Stormont, Belfast,  Kennedy said that emissions could be reduced by 2 MTCO2e, if steps were taken to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industry, to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles and make changes in the agriculture and forestry sectors.  This would put Northern Ireland on track to contribute towards a UK wide target of reducing emissions by at least 34% in 2020.