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Minutes of CCC meeting, 28 September 2018

Meeting date:
28 September 2018

Agenda and minutes of the Committee on Climate Change meeting on 28 September 2018.

Topics discussed included:

  • an update to the CCC’s conflict of interest
  • the bioenergy review report and the framing of its findings, recommendations and key messages, as well as its structure. There was also a presentation by Patricia Thornley, chair of the Expert Advisory Group for the bioenergy review
  • the Land Use report’s final results, key messages and the emerging narrative: “business as usual” is not compatible with the scale of emissions reductions that is required
  • the emerging key messages of the Hydrogen report and its recommendations
  • drafting a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport in response the Department for Transport’s “Road to Zero” strategy. The letter will provide an assessment of the report and where the Government needs to go further
  • Shell’s Paris-compliant Sky scenario presentation, which considers energy demand and the energy mix needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals