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Sharing the UK’s approach

The UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) has advised the UK Government on its climate change strategy for over a decade, as the independent expert advisor created under the 2008 UK Climate Change Act. We are looking to share learnings from the UK experience and to learn from others about theirs. There are rich examples of excellence in addressing both climate change mitigation and adaptation around the world.

Key elements of the UK and CCC’s approach:

  • A comprehensive legal framework for tackling climate change. The 2008 UK Climate Change Act sets the UK’s approach on climate change. It has long-term and medium-term targets for reducing emissions, and a requirement that the Government develop policies to meet them. It requires that UK climate risks are assessed and that a plan is developed to adapt to them. The framework has had continuous cross-party political support and gives clear and timely direction to policymakers, investors and citizens.
  • An economy-wide, long-term objective to reduce emissions in line with the UN Paris Agreement. The UK has a legally-binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050. It was set based on advice from the CCC that this was an appropriate contribution to the Paris Agreement and has strong business and public support. The CCC will shortly advise on the
    appropriate path to the Net Zero target and the UK Government is developing policy to meet the target.
  • An independent organisation to provide evidence-led advice and to monitor progress. The CCC provides expert, impartial advice to Government on emissions targets and how they might be met, and on climate change risks and adaptation measures. The CCC reports to the UK Parliament on progress towards meeting its targets and makes recommendations on how policy can be strengthened. A number of countries including Chile, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and Sweden have established climate change advisory organisations along similar lines.
Insights Briefings

Our set of briefings details the approaches, reflections and lessons learned by the CCC in twelve years of advising the UK on emissions reductions and adaptation to climate change. These can all be found, including translated versions in our publications section.

  • The UK Climate Change Act. This briefing introduces the Act and its structure and highlights learning from its twelve years in operation.
  • The Climate Change Committee. This briefing provides a summary of the role of the CCC, how it is structured and how it operates.
  • The UK’s Net Zero Target. This briefing summarises the considerations behind the CCC advice on Net Zero, which is published in full in two reports on the CCC website.
  • Advising on the level of the UK’s carbon budgets. This briefing discusses the role of carbon budgets within the UK Climate Change Act and the approach used by the CCC to advise the UK Government on the appropriate level for UK carbon budgets.
  • Monitoring progress in reducing the UK’s greenhouse emissions. This briefing discusses how the CCC approaches its annual assessments of progress in reducing UK emissions.
  • Undertaking a climate change risk assessment. This briefing note discusses the value of including adapting to climate change within national climate legislation, the process of conducting a climate change risk assessment in the UK
  • Assessing progress preparing for climate change. This briefing discusses the role of adaptation in the UK’s Climate Change Act, and the CCC’s approach to monitoring progress in adapting to climate change.
  • Past Climate Change Committee reports. This briefing summarises the three key strands of the CCC’s archive of past reports and highlights specific outputs that may be of interest to a wider audience.
  • Determining a pathway to Net Zero. This briefing provides an overview of the approach taken by the CCC to determine its recommended pathway to Net Zero. It is intended to act as a guide for any Government or institution seeking to assess and determine pathways to Net Zero.

Further to these briefings, the UK CCC is keen to explore opportunities for meetings, workshops and collaborations with Governments, research institutions and existing and emerging national climate advisory bodies to support and learn from each other. For more information, please use our contact form.