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This is a selection of the milestone dates in the CCC calendar looking forward:

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Progress report to Parliament: Meeting carbon budgets – Progress in reducing UK emissions

The Committee on Climate Change will publish its annual progress report to Parliament, setting out UK progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with UK carbon budgets.

Progress report to Parliament: Progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change

The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change will publish its second statutory progress report to Parliament, assessing UK progress in preparing for the impacts of climate change, as directed by the National Adaptation Programme.

Conference: Is There a Plan? UK Energy Policy for the 2020s

With Brexit, new political dynamics and a new business and energy department, the context for UK energy policy is changing. This year sees the publication of a number of key set-piece policy documents – including the Government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, the Emissions Reduction Plan, the National Infrastructure Commission’s assessment of priorities, and an Energy Smart Systems Report due later in the year. The inter-connectedness of industrial strategy, emission reduction commitments, and rapid technology development will provide key themes for discussion at this conference.