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National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI)

Data source compiling estimates of the UK's emissions to the atmosphere of various gases.

National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP)

Document submitted to the European Commission by each EU member outlining how they intend to meet their required contribution towards the target of 20% of EU energy to be supplied by renewable sources by 2020.

NER 300

EU financing instrument for subsidising innovative renewable technologies and CCS, consisting of 300 million allowances set aside from the New Entrant's Reserve of the EU ETS .

Nitrification inhibitors

Chemical additives that slow the rate of conversion of fertiliser ammonium to nitrate and reduce the chances for nitrogen loss

Nitrous oxide (N2O)

Greenhouse gas with a global warming potential of 310 (1 tonne of nitrous oxide emission corresponds to 310 tonnes CO2e).


Oxides of nitrogen, defined as the sum of the amounts of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).