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The process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere and capturing it, particularly in biomass and soils

Shale gas

A form for natural gas resource that has traditionally been categorised outside mainstream 'conventional' sources. Recent developments in drilling techniques have now enabled it to be produced at a cost potentially competitive with more conventional sources of natural gas, for example in the US

Smart grid

A smart grid is an electricity network which makes use of information and communications technologies (ICTs), enabling more dynamic Ôreal-timeÕ flows of information on the network and more interaction between suppliers and consumers.

Smart meters

Technology which can provide information on energy use directly to energy consumers (for example through display units or through the internet) with the potential to provide gas and electricity customers with accurate bills as well as real time information that could help them use less energy.

Smarter Choices

Measures that influence travel behaviour away from cars and towards less carbon-intensive alternatives such as public transport, cycling and walking, by providing targeted information and opportunities to consider alternative modes.

Social Tariffs

Discounted energy tariffs for those who find it difficult to heat and light their homes

Solar photovoltaics (PV)

Panels that generate electricity from sunlight.

Solar water heating

Solar technology which uses the warmth of the sun to heat water to supply hot water in buildings.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

Measures that influence people's travel behaviour towards less carbon intensive alternatives to the car such as public transport, cycling and walking by providing targeted information and opportunities to consider alternative modes.


An electricity transmission system, mainly based on direct current, which could potentially facilitate the transmission across Europe and beyond of large-scale power generation from remote areas to centres of consumption.

Supplier Obligation

An obligation that the Government places on energy suppliers, to help householders reduce their carbon footprint. The current policy is the Carbon Emissions Reductions Commitment (CERT) running from April 2008 to 2012.