7 terms:

Achievable Emissions Intensity

The minimum average annual emissions intensity of electricity generation that could be achieved in a given year, given the installed capacity, projected demand and the projected profile of that demand.


Adjustment of behaviour to limit harm, or exploit beneficial opportunities, arising from climate change.

Aerodynamic fairings

Aerodynamic fairings are additional add ons to trailers and cabs that help reduce aerodynamic drag, reducing fuel consumption. They may be retrofitted to tractors and trailers to give significant emission reductions. A large number of different fairings are available giving variable benefits.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

A treatment process breaking down biodegradable material, particularly wastes, in the absence of oxygen. Produces a methane-rich biogas that can substitute for fossil fuels.

Annual load factor (ALF)

Equivalent proportion of the year for which a generator is operating at its maximum rated output. For example, if output from a 1 GW nuclear plant over a year (8,760 hours) is 7,000 GWh, it's ALF is 7,000 / 8,760 = 80%.


The Welsh Government's residential energy efficiency investment programme.


For an electricity generating station, this is the proportion of the time that the generator is physically able to supply electricity.