Guide to acronyms

AcronymFull form
ADAnaerobic Digestion
ALFAnnual Load Factor
ASHPAir Source Heat Pump
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
CADCentralised Anaerobic Digestion
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy
CCAClimate Change Agreement
CCCCommittee on Climate Change
CCGTCombined-Cycle Gas Turbine
CCLClimate Change Levy
CCSCarbon Capture and Storage
CCSCarbon Capture and Storage
CERTCarbon Emissions Reduction Target
CESPCommunity Energy Saving Programme
CfDContract for Difference
CHPCombined Heat and Power
CLGDepartment for Communities and Local Government
CO2Carbon dioxide
CO2eCarbon dioxide equivalent
COPCoefficient of Performance
CPIConsumer Price Index
CRCCarbon Reduction Commitment
CRDPsCarbon Budget Reduction Delivery Plans
CRUClimate Research Unit at University of East Anglia
DADevolved Administration
DECDisplay Energy Certificate
DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change
DefraDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DfTDepartment for Transport
DUKESDigest of UK Energy Statistics
EAPEqual Annual Percentage
ECEuropean Commission
ECEuropean Commission
ECOEnergy Company Obligation
EMRElectricity Market Reform
ENSGElectricity Network Strategy Group
EPCEnergy Performance Certificate
EPSEmissions Performance Standard
EUEuropean Union
EU ETSEuropean Union Emissions Trading Scheme
EUAEuropean Union Allowance
EVElectric Vehicle
FITFeed-in Tariff
GDAGeneric Design Assessment
GDPGross Domestic Product
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GHGAPAgriculture Industry Greenhouse Gas Action Plan
GIBGreen Investment Bank
GLOCAFGlobal Carbon Finance Model
GSHPGround Source Heat Pump
GVAGross Value Aadded
HDDHeating Degree Days
HGVHeavy goods vehicle
HGVHeavy goods vehicle
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation
IPCInfrastructure Planning Commission
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
LCALife-cycle assessment
LCTPLow Carbon Transition Plan
LULUCFLand use, land use change and forestry
MACCMarginal Abatement Cost Curve
MARKELMarket Allocation Model
MBTMechanical Biological Treatment
MIPUMajor Infrastructure Planning Unit
MPPMajor Power Producer
N2ONitrous oxide
NAEINational Atmospheric Emissions Inventory
NERNew Entrant’s Reserve
NGNational Grid
NOxOxides of nitrogen
NPSNational Policy Statement
NREAPNational Renewable Energy Action Plan
NTSNon-Traded Sector
NVZNitrate Vulnerable Zone
OfgemOffice of the Gas and Electricity Markets
OFTOOffshore Transmission Owner
ONSOffice for National Statistics
PHEVPlug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
REDRenewable Energy Directive
RESRenewable Energy Strategy
RHIRenewable Heat Incentive
RHPPRenewable Heat Premium Payment
RORenewable Obligation
ROCRenewable Obligations Certificate
RPIRetail Prices Index
SEAStrategic Environment Assessment
SHETLScottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited
SMEsSmall & Medium Enterprises
SMMTSociety of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
STWScottish Territorial Waters
UNFCCCUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
VEDVehicle Excise Duty