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Large Waves Breaking Against Sea Wall At Dawlish In Devon

CCC welcomes publication of UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Government report

Every five years the UK’s Climate Change Act requires the Government to compile an assessment of the risks and opportunities arising for the UK from climate change. Today, the Government has published its second such assessment.

Julia King

New Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee announced

The Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Professor Dame Julia King, has been appointed as the next Chair of the Committee on Climate Change’s Adaptation Sub-Committee.

Call for Evidence: Welsh Carbon Budgets

The Environment (Wales) Act received Royal Assent in March 2016. It sets a 2050 target to reduce emissions by at least 80% and provides the legislative framework for establishing a carbon budgeting approach in Wales. The Committee on Climate Change has been asked by the Welsh Government to provide advice on these emissions targets and is seeking evidence to help with that task.

Cwestiynau’r cais am dystiolaeth ar gyfer darparu cyngor i Lywodraeth Cymru

Read this page in English. Cefndir Rhoddwyd Cydsyniad Brenhinol i Ddeddf yr Amgylchedd (Cymru) ym mis Mawrth 2016. Mae’n gosod targed ar gyfer 2050 i leihau allyriadau o leiaf 80% ac yn darparu’r fframwaith deddfwriaethol ar gyfer sefydlu dull cyllidebu carbon yng Nghymru. Mae’r Ddeddf yn ei gwneud yn ofynnol bod Gweinidogion Cymru cyn diwedd 2018 yn gosod targedau interim mewn rheoliadau i leihau allyriadau ar gyfer 2020, 2030 a …

Call for Evidence: Scottish Climate Change Bill

The Scottish Government has committed to introducing a new Scottish Climate Change Bill. The Committee on Climate Change has been asked by the Scottish Government to provide advice on how the new Bill may look and is seeking evidence to help with that task.

UK aviation emissions must be consistent with UK climate change commitments, CCC says

It is important that decisions about UK airport capacity are consistent with the UK’s commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, as set out in the Climate Change Act, the Committee on Climate Change says.

Infographic: The future of heating in UK buildings

This infographic provides a snapshot of the key options for low-carbon heating. It accompanies the Committee on Climate Change’s 2016 report, ‘Next steps for UK heat policy’.

Concrete action needed to meet UK climate commitments following Paris Agreement and Brexit vote

In a set of new reports, the Committee recommends that the Government vigorously pursues the full package of measures the CCC has identified in order to meet existing UK climate commitments at least cost.


Infographic: Scotland’s progress in preparing for climate change

This infographic provides a snapshot of progress being made in Scotland to prepare for the impacts of climate change. It accompanies the Adaptation Sub-Committee’s 2016 report ‘Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme: An independent assessment for the Scottish Parliament.’


Action underway to prepare for climate change in Scotland but extent of progress hard to assess

Steps are being taken to prepare for climate change, but a lack of evidence is making it difficult to judge whether Scotland’s vulnerability to climate impacts is increasing, remaining constant, or decreasing, the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says today.

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