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Coming up

Keep up to date with the latest expected dates for new CCC publications, assessments and events.

1 April 2022 — 30 June 2022

Workers and Skills in a Net Zero UK

We will publish the first output from our new workers and skills theme, looking at how the workforce will change in the transition to Net Zero. 

1 May 2022 — 30 June 2022

Public Engagement in a Net Zero UK

We will publish the first output from our public engagement theme, considering how and why effective public engagement can support the delivery of Net Zero. 

15 June 2022 — 30 June 2022

Annual Report and Accounts

We will publish our annual report and accounts, reflecting on the delivery of our statutory duties over the last year.  

1 September 2022 — 31 December 2022

Business in a Net Zero UK

We will publish an analysis of business activity to support the Net Zero transition and how Government can best support the private sector to contribute fully. 

1 September 2022 — 30 September 2022

Lord Deben’s term in office comes to an end

 Our long-standing Chairman, Lord Deben, concludes his term in office.  

1 September 2022 — 31 October 2022

Progress Dashboard

We will launch a new web-based dashboard to show progress in reducing emissions across key UK sectors following our annual report to Parliament. 

1 September 2022 — 31 October 2022

Voluntary Carbon Offsets Briefing

We will publish new advice on voluntary carbon offsets, assessing the risks and opportunities they pose to the UK’s Net Zero pathway. 

1 November 2022 — 30 November 2022

Funding Adaptation

We will publish a report on the challenges and opportunities for financing the actions that will help the UK adapt to a changing climate, and how barriers to the necessary investment in adaptation can be removed. 

1 December 2022 — 16 December 2022

2022 Scottish Progress Report

We will publish our latest assessment of Scotland’s progress to reduce emissions against its statutory targets as set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. 

1 December 2022 — 16 December 2022

Emissions Targets – Advice to Scottish Government

We will review Scotland’s annual emissions targets and advise the Scottish Government on any amendments necessary based on the most up-to-date evidence.