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Coming up

Keep up to date with the latest expected dates for new CCC publications, as well as key events featuring CCC speakers.

16 June 2021

Climate Change Risk Assessment: Advice Report

The Adaptation Committee of the Climate Change Committee has a legal duty to advise Government on the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA). The CCC prepared the second Climate Change Risk Assessment evidence report in 2016, and is now working on an updated evidence report, due to be published in summer 2021, which will inform the UK Government’s third CCRA (known as CCRA3).

24 June 2021

Progress Report to Parliament 2021

In June, the Climate Change Committee will publish its 2021 Progress Report to Parliament. This year is the Committee’s joint report, with an annual assessment of UK progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the biennial assessment of the UK progress in preparing for climate change.