2017 Report to Parliament – Meeting Carbon Budgets: Closing the policy gap

This report is the Committee on Climate Change’s ninth annual assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions and meeting carbon budgets.

The report finds that:

  • UK greenhouse gas emissions are about 42% lower than in 1990, around half way to the 2050 commitment to reduce emissions by at least 80% on 1990 levels
  • although good progress has been made to date, that progress is stalling. Since 2012, emissions reductions have been largely confined to the power sector, whilst emissions from transport and building stock are rising
  • effective new strategies and policies are urgently needed to ensure emissions continue to fall in line with the commitments agreed by Parliament


Supporting charts and data


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An infographic summarising some of the key messages from this report. To download a high-resolution version of the infographic, click here.