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Adaptation and decarbonisation

1. Outline

The Welsh Government commissioned the Committee to provide advice on “managing the interrelationships between climate change adaptation and decarbonisation” alongside our first independent assessment of the Welsh national adaptation programme (Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales). This briefing aims to provide a useful starting point for policymakers working on climate mitigation or adaptation, to consider how to integrate the two agendas effectively.

2. Key messages

We recommend seven near-term actions for Welsh Government to strengthen joint delivery for mitigation and adaptation:

  1. Build the knowledge base on joint impacts of policy measures.
  2. Develop systems thinking capabilities to understand potential consequences and minimise negative unintended consequences.
  3. Enhance skills across ‘Team Wales’.
  4. Embed adaptation into mitigation policy.
  5. Acknowledge trade-offs.
  6. Engage with local communities.
  7. Make investments climate resilient.