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Adaptation and social justice

1. Outline

The Welsh Government commissioned the Committee to provide advice on “managing the interrelationships between climate change adaptation and social justice” alongside our first independent assessment of the Welsh national adaptation programme (Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales). This briefing builds on the Committee’s previous work considering how adaptation to a changing climate links to the broader concept of a ‘just transition’ and how the distributional consequences of both climate impacts and adaptation actions can be addressed. It aims to provide a useful starting point for policymakers and others working on adaptation to integrate social justice together with climate change adaptation in Wales.

2. Key messages

The Committee’s recommendations are:

  • Include adaptation within the Just Transition Framework and in further work on the just transition or well-being in Wales.
  • Welsh Government should develop and publish an assessment of the characteristics of enhanced exposure, vulnerability and adaptive capacity to different climate risks in Wales, building on examples of good practice presented here and elsewhere.
  • Expand public participation and engagement in adaptation policy design and implementation.