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Adaptation Reporting Power: second round review

This report presents the findings of a review by the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the second round of the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP).

The Adaptation Reporting Power was created as part of the Climate Change Act (2008). It allows the Secretary of State to ask key organisations to report on the steps they are taking to prepare for climate change.

Since 2009 there have been two rounds of ARP reporting, and in September 2016 Defra asked the Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) to carry out a review of the second round of the ARP.

In response to that request the Adaptation Reporting Power: second round review makes the following points and recommendations:

  • The ARP is a valuable process in ensuring the nation prepares for climate change.
  • The next ARP round should be complete by December 2019, and should be mandatory to ensure that all relevant organisations take part.
  • Improved guidance should be issued in order to elicit more uniform, meaningful and quantified information from organisations.
  • Defra should consider widening the scope of ARP reporting to encourage those sectors that have yet to report to provide evidence of their approach to climate change risk management.

The Adaptation Sub-Committee sent an accompanying letter to Defra to provide advice on the third round of reports under the Adaptation Reporting Power.