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Addressing overheating risk in existing UK homes (Arup)

1. Outline

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) commissioned Arup to appraise the current and future risks posed by summertime overheating to the UK housing stock at scale. The work considers what factors influence risk, how homes can be adapted or upgraded to mitigate the impacts and how much that might cost.

2. Key messages

  • A high proportion of existing homes fail to meet the new overheating standard for new homes.
  • A lot of retrofit works are required across the housing stock to mitigate the risk of overheating up to a 4°C global warming scenario. As shown by this study, this presents real challenges for the UK housing stock.
  • Mitigation packages for global warming scenarios come with a high cost, and simple capacity limits within the construction industry mean it is not feasible to carry out this volume of building upgrades to all dwellings, all at once.