CCC Adaptation Monitoring Framework

Assessing the effectiveness of adaptation action across the UK

29 March 2023

Type of publication:
Progress reports

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1. Introducing our monitoring framework

Since 2010, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) has conducted adaptation progress reports to assess the effectiveness of adaptation action across the UK.  

In 2023, we refreshed our approach to monitoring adaptation progress and updated how we monitor adaptation delivery. The main reasons for this were to create:

  • A stronger focus on delivery and implementation of adaptation action, rather than risk assessment and planning.
  • A more integrated response to systemic and interacting climate risks.
  • A more consistent framework for assessing adaptation progress across the UK and the Devolved Administrations.
  • A more forward-looking approach which focuses on key outcomes needed for a well-adapted UK.
  • A more aligned assessment framework across the CCC’s mitigation and adaptation progress reporting.

This is an evolving framework, and we will continue to update our approach over time. For example, we may adjust this framework to better align to the next cycle of adaptation programmes from Governments around the UK and the structure of the UKs Fourth Climate Change Risk Assessment, which is currently in development. 

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide to our current monitoring framework on adapting to climate change, used across the CCC’s 2023 adaptation progress reports.  

The following sections set out, in turn: the need for a monitoring framework, the key elements of the current approach and areas for continued development over the coming years.  

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