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CCC and NIC write to Prime Minister, Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

1. Outline

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) and the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) have written to the new Prime Minister, Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, setting out the positive case for action on energy efficiency, low carbon heat and renewables in the face of the current cost of living crisis. The letter sets out the organisations’ joint positions on topics including energy security, fossil fuels and the role of infrastructure in delivering Net Zero.

2. Key messages

The CCC and NIC recommend that the Government:

  • Develops credible policies for energy efficiency in buildings. Investing in efficiency now will provide meaningful reductions in the amount of energy wasted over the long-term and support the necessary transition to low-carbon heat.
  • Provides and promotes a comprehensive energy advice service.
  • Delivers a working market-based mechanism for low-carbon heat. This is the main policy the Government has put in train to deliver on its goal to grow the market for heat pumps.
  • Makes full use of new auctions for onshore wind and solar. Renewables are the cheapest form of electricity generation.
  • Delivers updated National Policy Statements for energy and acts quickly to resolve barriers to deployment of strategic energy infrastructure.