Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our strategy and action plan for improving equality, diversity and inclusion at the Climate Change Committee.

19 July 2022

Type of publication:
Corporate plan, report and accounts

Country focus:

Climate change is an issue that affects everyone, but inequalities in society mean that not everyone is affected in the same way. The Global South and world’s poorest people will increasingly experience the worst impacts of climate change despite being the least responsible – African, Asian, South American, and indigenous and minority populations are disproportionately affected, particularly women as primary caregivers and providers of fuel and food.

Adapting to a changing climate while transitioning to Net Zero emissions by 2050 will impact people and groups in complex ways. On a national level, evidence points to minorities and older people being most at risk from climate-related effects, including from exposure to air pollution, overheating and flooding. Mitigation policies have many distributional effects, such as who benefits from new low carbon technologies and who pays for low carbon policies.

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