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Impact of flood alleviation schemes on long-term flood risk (JBA)

This supporting research accompanies the Adaptation Sub-Committee’s 2017 Report to Parliament: Progress in preparing for climate change. The research was carried out by JBA Consulting.

This research assesses to what extent recently delivered flood alleviation schemes in England have been designed to support the long-term reduction in residual flood risk. It consists of a review of a sample of the major schemes built between 2010-15 to understand:

  • The impact of these schemes in managing long-term flood risks.
  • The extent to which future options to upgrade defence standards were included as an explicit element of the scheme design, for example identified upgrade paths and trigger points consistent with taking a ‘managed adaptive’ approach.
  • The justification provided to support the choice of the particular engineering solution(s) and standard of protection against other options.
  • To what extent the schemes work with natural processes.
  • The consistency of these schemes with sub-national flood risk strategies.