Indicators to assess the exposure of critical infrastructure in England to current and projected climate hazards

This is a report supporting Managing climate risks to well-being and the economy – Adaptation Sub-Committee progress report (July 2014).

The supporting research provides a spatial assessment of the exposure of a number of infrastructure assets to weather related hazards (for England only). Hazards considered include:

  • coastal erosion,
  • flooding from rivers, the sea, groundwater and surface water,
  • natural landslides,
  • shrink-swell subsidence, and
  • river scour.

A selection of the reports key findings are summarised below.

  • Shrink-swell subsidence and groundwater flooding returned the highest levels of exposure for Enlgand’s infrastructure assets (particularly in the most densely populated areas of England).
  • The next highest level of exposure was  flooding from rivers, sea and surface water.
  • For all assets, exposure to coastal erosion and natural landslides was low.

The report was written by HR Wallingford.