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Is Scotland climate ready? – 2022 Report to Scottish Parliament

1. Outline

Scotland has set out a far-reaching vision for how it wants to build resilience to a changing climate through its second Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme (SCCAP2). This report is the Climate Change Committee’s independent assessment of progress against that goal. The report shows that, whilst Scotland’s vision for a well-adapted nation is welcome, more needs to be done to translate ambition into actions that are commensurate with the scale of the challenge.

2. Key messages

The report finds that:

  • Progress in delivering adaptation has stalled. Available evidence indicates that across most sectors progress in delivering adaptation has stagnated, despite a limited number of areas where good progress is being made.

The CCC recommends that the Scottish Government:

  • Drives action based on its vision for a well-adapted Scotland. Clear, time-bound and quantitative targets, with clear Government ownership, need to be set out to make Scotland’s adaptation vision drive sufficient action. This is essential for accountability. Adaptation needs to be embedded across the full range of Government activities.
  • Urgently improves monitoring and evaluation. Scotland lacks effective monitoring and evaluation systems meaning that changes in aspects of many climate-related risks are largely unknown. For adaptation plans to be effective these systems need to be created and implemented without delay.
  • Raises the level of adaptation response. Across Scotland there are numerous local-level initiatives that can form a blueprint for a stronger, adaptation response. There are also opportunities to extend Scotland’s leading position in considering how climate adaptation policy can be delivered fairly across society.


15 March 2022

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Scotland reports

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