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Meeting Carbon Budgets – 3rd Progress Report to Parliament

As part of its statutory role, the Committee provides annual reports to Parliament on the progress that Government is making in meeting carbon budgets and in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

In this 3rd Progress report we build on the techniques developed in the first two. It adjusts recorded emissions in 2010 for weather as well as macroeconomic impacts, showing that the underlying trend is one of broadly flat emissions. Analysis of the indicators meanwhile reveals mixed progress in implementing abatement measures. While emissions are continuing to run significantly below the first budget cap, an acceleration in the pace of emissions reduction will be needed if future carbon budgets are to be achieved. The report highlights some key policies to drive this acceleration, including the Electricity Market Reform and the Green Deal.

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Supporting data and research cited in the report

Technical appendix

In order to make a judgement about whether the UK is on track to meet its climate goals in a transparent and evidenced based way, we assess progress against a suite of indicators, first set out in chapter 3 of our 2009 progress report and supporting technical annex 3.

This paper provides a complete set of information on progress against these indicators, to complement the key messages set out in the main report.

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