Potential Carbon Capture and Storage Cost Reduction Mechanisms (by Pöyry and Element Energy)

This report was commissioned from Pöyry & Element Energy by the Committee on Climate Change. It provides supporting research for the CCC’s report: Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament.

The supporting research finds that:

  • while initial Carbon Capture and Storage projects were likely to cost~£140-200/MWh if they were ‘stand alone’ under current CfD regime, scenarios show opportunities to reach ~£90/MWh in late 2020’s,
  • the UK requires a minimum of ~5GW coal CCS or ~6GW of gas CCS installed on a continuous basis to 2030 across 1-2 key hubs to potentially access the full suit of cost reductions identified, and
  • technology cost reduction and CCS financing require a continuous roll-out of CCS plant for cost reductions to be realised.