Progress in reducing emissions in Scotland – 2023 Report to Parliament

In this report we monitor Scotland’s progress in reducing emissions and assess the
policies in place for delivering future emissions reduction.

20 March 2024

Type of publication:
Scotland reports

Country focus:

Carbon budgets, targets and progress

This report is in accordance with Sections 9(1) and (2) of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. This report is available in a HTML format and as a PDF to download.


The Committee would like to thank the team that prepared this report and its analysis:

This was led by Chris Stark, James Richardson, Emily Nurse, Eoin Devane, James Tarlton and Simona Battipaglia, and included Sasha Abraham, Rose Armitage, Florence Bates, Owen Bellamy, Sandra Bogelein, Marili Boufounou, Rachel Carr-Whitworth, Bianca de Farias Letti, Victoria de la Cruz, Ramesh Deonarine, Joshua Deru, Tom Dooks, Caitlin Douglas, Kim Dowsett, Kieron Driscoll, Ahmed Gailani, Francesco Giacomini, Ruth Gregg, Esther Harris, Cilla Hellgren, Robbie Herring, Gemma Holmes, Daisy Jameson, Luke Jones, Miriam Kennedy, Charley Lamb, Michael Lord, Luke Maxfield, Richard Millar, Bea Natzler, Chloe Nemo, Chris Parker, Finna Parkinson, Simon Rayner, Niki Rust, Viv Scott, Penny Seera, Olivia Shears, Joris Simaitis, Felicity Taylor, Seán Taylor, Indra Thillainathan, Emma Vause, Sophie Vipond, Zelna Weich, Chloe Welsh, Eveline White, Hannah Williams, Louis Worthington, Susie Wright, Ken Wright.

A number of organisations and stakeholders for their support, including the Scottish Government, and the Climate Emergency Response Group.

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