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The future of UK aviation: Letter from Lord Deben to Chris Grayling

1. Outline

This is a letter from CCC Chairman, Lord Deben, to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, about the future of UK aviation.

The letter sets out the Committee’s views on the Government’s recently published consultation, Aviation 2050 – the future of UK aviationThe letter states that:

  • A stronger 2050 UK climate change target, in line with the Paris Agreement, would require more effort to reduce emissions from all sectors, including aviation.
  • The Committee will provide updated advice on the appropriate level of long-term ambition for UK aviation emissions within its advice to Government on the UK’s long-term climate change targets, due in the spring.
  • The CCC’s analysis suggests that the largest contribution to reducing emissions from aviation will come from new technologies and aircraft design.
  • The Government should not plan for high levels of biofuel use in aviation.
  • The CCC welcomes the Government’s proposal to ask the National Infrastructure Commission to scrutinise the needs case for further airport expansion.
  • The CCC welcomes the Government’s commitment to negotiate, in the International Civil Aviation Organization, a long-term goal for international aviation emissions that is consistent with the Paris Agreement.